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MEINECKE WP/Dynamic and WP-QF Series Flow Meters are ANSI/DIN Flanged mechanical totalizing Turbine Water Meters.   They are available in sizes ranging from 1-1/2" to 12", in both Cold (<122°F) and Hot (<266°F) water versions.

Standard Process Connections are ANSI 150lb R.F. Flanges for both Cold and Hot Water applications. DIN Flanges are also available with pressure ratings of  PN-16 & PN-25/40.
The BMF Series, originally designed for Brine Solutions, contains no red metals and is ideally suited for measuring light caustics (pH levels <9), saline solutions, chlorinated water and glycol/water solutions to 30%
Reference Library
Click Here An Introduction to Meinecke ANSI Flanged, Mechanical Turbine Waters
Click Here How to read the non-resettable, totalizing register
Click Here How to remove and replace a Meinecke WP/Dynamic Series Register
Click Here Sample Calibration Report - Click Here
Click Here Brooks Instrument to Meinecke Model Number Conversion Tool
Click Here Programming Tips for the FM-1D/K Transmitter
Click Here Meinecke - 2017 Product Guide
Meinecke Meters - Flow Meter Selection Guide
WP/Dynamic WP/Dynamic BMF
Meinecke Cold Water Meters Meinecke Hot Water Meters Meinecke BMF Series Meters Meinecke BMF Series Meters
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